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Learn How to Oil Paint!

Learning to oil paint can be intimidating and scary.  What we have done is to try and take out the fear factor and the intimidation.  We have created home video painting lessons for the beginner, the amateur, the hobbyist and just for fun!  Actually anyone can join and all are welcome.

Each oil painting instruction project is divided into several individual lessons delivered on a monthly schedule.  Each lesson lasts anywhere from one hour to three hours.  We take you from a blank canvas to a finished painting, step by step and you will have the option of playing the videos over and over, starting and stopping while you catch up with the video.  Every month is a new project to paint, from… barns to water, from coast to inland, from city to country we find something to paint and show you how to do all the techniques you will need to finish your project.

All you need are your basic supplies paints, brushes and canvas set up by your computer with a connection to our site and you are ready to paint!  A little mood music on low volume doesn’t hurt either.  Why not join us now…

And there’s more..

We know that it takes more than just using paint to make a good painting.  So, we want to help everyone learn all about what it takes to get the job done.

If an art lesson is needed on perspective, then we include that with the project on hand.  If a special technique is required we include an extra study on that as well.  With each project there is usually a discussion on perspective, how the elements in the painting fit together, what choices we have and why we chose to go in a particular direction.  We instruct in theory, composition, perspective, drawing whatever is needed to get you to a finished painting.

Each month a new painting project is uploaded for you to view from, to learn and to have fun!  Each project contains several lessons for you to view and learn from.  And we are very good at answering any questions you may have or problems that may develop as you paint.  You are not alone in cyber world, we are here to help you create your own masterpiece after masterpiece!

When you subscribe to Oil Painting Instruction Basic Membership for just $19.97 per month, you MUST USE a PAYPAL account to enroll. Your PayPal account will automatically be billed monthly as long as you are a member. You may cancel at anytime by simply e-mailing us or canceling through your PayPal account, it’s that simple.  But we are confident that you will enjoy your member benefits:

  • A gallery to display your latest creation
  • A forum to discus issues with other members and to ask questions and get help when needed
  • Resource list
  • Recommended supplies, books and more
  • Membership articles and blog
  • Newsletter – all sorts of tips, thoughts and tricks to master you art

When you join us you will:

  • Learn oil paint techniques
  • Learn to mix your oil colors
  • Learn what brushes to use
  • Learn what to do when you make a mistake
  • Learn all about your medium like what kind of turpentine to use or not use
  • What oil painting supplies you need most to finish a painting
  • What are the best oil paint colors to purchase
  • Learn how to paint water that moves on the canvas
  • To paint trees
  • To paint flowers
  • To paint barns, houses, buildings and much more…

Oil painting instructions on demand…just the ticket to inspire your creative passion and all for only $19.97 a month!

So, why not join us now!

See you inside…
Your oil painting team